Monday, May 30, 2011

We Did It!

Here's how we all looked before the run:

And after:

Eddie and Ellen finished at 27:42! Karen and I finished at 34:43! We (Karen and I) ran the first 1.76, walked for three minutes and then ran the rest of the way. This is much more running than we had done in our training but we were feeling good and it worked for us.

I placed 43 of 58 females in my age range. I'm pleased with how we ran and proud of our accomplishment. We are already looking at running a 5K at the Teterboro Airport on July 16th. Anyone want to join?

Some highlights of our race:
-Getting to run through water from hoses that kids had pulled from their front yards to spray hot runners.
-The squished, dead squirrel in the middle of the road that we had to pass twice on the race route.
-Right around Mile 2 a man with a bagpiper and a kid with a snare drum were playing patriotic music. For some reason this got me really pumped much so that Karen had to motion for us to slow down because we had moved our pace up a little too much!
-Coming around the last corner "9 to 5" came on my iPod and I saw Meredith (my 9 to 5 friend). This was a big boost for me for the last push.
-My sweaty thumb wasn't working on the iPod controls for the last two minutes so I had to fight with it to change to a final push song and get the volume right. (Apparently the new iPod nano has a wrist-band holder and a program that allows you to change songs simply by giving your hand a shake. I think this may be on my birthday list...)
-Coming across the finish line was a lot of fun...mostly because it was over!

After the race we met up with Ellen and Eddie and enjoyed some free fruit, drinks and Ben and Jerry's ice cream (which we brought home and put in the freezer...the perk of living literally across the street from the finish line).

Eddie had successfully completed the 10K prior to the 5K but wasn't quite done yet. He and Henry took part in the Fun Run, which was a mass of humanity. Lots of little kids running, two dogs and some adults. Eddie had Henry in the stroller but took him out so he could "walk" across the finish line.

Here are some other fun pics from the race.

I'm looking like a crazy person because I was calling out and waving to Henry:

Daddy and Henry after they completed the Fun Run:

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