Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back To Jersey

It's been a great week since the last update. Henry and I greatly enjoyed our time in North Carolina/Virginia (and Eddie too when he joined us on Thursday). In addition to hanging out with my parents I got to see a lot of my friends/coworkers, which was really nice. While I completely love staying home with Henry, there are certain things I miss about working at CNU....mostly the people.

Some highlights from our trip (before some photos):

-Running...I did two runs while down there and survived. My feet did just fine and didn't have any pain after so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I ran again this afternoon and did a lot more than I had previously. It felt really good during and after. We'll see how I feel tomorrow! We are running the 5K on Monday so I plan on two more runs between now and then. I'm hoping to run with Karen one of those times to see if we'll be suitable running partners for the race. She's in better shape that I'm in so we'll see!

-Air Show....my parents play in a community band that was invited to play at an airshow in Pungo, VA. (I am not making up that name.) It is held at an air field owned by a man who owns many, many old military planes. I really enjoyed seeing all of the planes on the ground and in the air. There were some 'throw back' acts like Abbott and Costello impersonators, jazz singer and an Andrews Sisters-esque act. I loved seeing them and the other folks in period clothes at the event. I really think I was born in the wrong time period...I love all that stuff!

-Babies...During our visit I got to hang out with three little boys ranging from Desmond at 6.5 months to Davis at 6 weeks to Andrew at 24 hours! We had fun with all of them. Henry looks like such a big boy in some of the photos compared to the other babies...it's crazy. I'm not ready for him not to be a baby anymore!

-Williamsburg...Eddie ran the Williamsburg Half Marathon on Sunday morning. He did it in a little over 2 hours, which was his goal. He gathered enough energy for us to hit up Busch Gardens for a little bit of the day. Henry enjoyed riding a new ride (for him) there and playing in the kiddie water area in the Sesame Street part of the park. It was fun to see him enjoying things. The last time he was there he just slept in our arms on the carousel! We will probably go back in June since we have season passes still....and this time pack his actual swimming suit!

Here are some assorted photos from our week away:

Eating rice from chopsticks...he loved it!

Rainbow, Grandad and Henry (after Parker's softball game):

Happy little boy "practicing" the piano:

Takin' a dip in the cool fishy pool from Target with Desmond:

Pungo Airshow:

Playing in the water at Busch Gardens:

Meeting Baby Andrew for the first time:

It was a great trip and now that we're back it's time to settle into a routine again for a few weeks before Henry and I head back down for an extended trip. (I am working with freshman orientation for two weeks.) After that we'll be back to hopefully start settling into a new house! We have been approved for our mortgage (pending a few small things like a copy of a SS card and painting over some drywall that had been fixed) and hope to close mid-June!

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