Monday, May 2, 2011

Such a Deal!

When we moved to New Jersey from Virginia Eddie was very sad that we would no longer have the joys of Harris Teeter grocery stores and their super-double and triple coupon weeks. However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that PathMark was having a three day triple coupon event where they would triple coupons up to, and including, a dollar! You could use up to 10 per order each day. Unfortunately we found out on Saturday so we missed Friday...but we made the most of of it.

Shopping Trip #1 (Saturday, Beth's Customer Card for Pathmark):

-6 2-packs of Gerber 2nd Foods
-1 bag of cat treats
-1 4-pack of YoBaby Yogurt
-2 Ken's Dressing Marinades
-2 24-packs of Hefty paper plates
-1 package Robin Eggs Candy (yum!)

Total Before Coupons and Store Sales: $26.87

What I Paid: 69 CENTS!

Shopping Trip #2 (Saturday, Eddie's Customer Card)

-20 Light and Fit yogurts
-1 4-pack YoBaby Yogurt
-1 bag of cat treats
-2 Ken's Dressing Marinades
-6 2-packs of Gerber 2nd Foods
-4 boxes of cereal

Total Before Coupons and Store Sales: $52.61

What I Paid: $9.61

Shopping Trip #3 (Sunday, Beth used Eddie's card)

-12 2-packs of Gerber 2nd Foods
-2 4-packs of YoBaby Yogurt
-1 2-liter of seltzer
-1 Totinos Pizza

Total Before Coupons and Store Sales: $20.04

What I Paid: $2.13

Shopping Trip #4 (Sunday, Beth's Customer card)

-12 2-pack Gerber 2nd Foods
-1 Colgate Toothpaste
-2 cans pineapple chunks
-1 box of pasta
-1 jar of pasta sauce
-1 box of cake mix
-1 tub of frosting
-2 packs of feminine hygeniene products

Total Before Coupons and Store Sales: $33.82

What I Paid: $4.18

If we had paid full price for everything it would have been $133.34. Instead, we invested some time and plannning for couponing and sale prices and only paid $16.61!

The reason the totals got to be so low was that we had a bunch of $1.00 coupons that turned into $3.00 coupons...much of the time that was more than the product cost.

The best part of these trips was the baby food for Henry. I am a "fan" of Gerber on facebook and they had a week where they had a coupon a day for a dollar off of certain products. One that I got was $1 off of 3 Gerber 2nd Foods, which is what Henry is eating now. I was wise enough to make multiple copies (they didn't say not to duplicate) so that each trip we could use a few of the coupons. The cost per container was 99 cents so one the coupon was tripled, the food was free. Between our four trips and Eddie's mom helping out we ended up with 45 2-packs of food for free!

I did not have my game face on for the first trip so we probably missed out on some other good deals. However, overall I think we did really well!

Sidenote: We were all set to leave for a bonus trip using PopPop's card last night around 10:15 when I received a text message from Katie telling me that Obama was going to be making an announcement. Since it was supposed to come on at 10:30 we put our trip on hold. The announcement was delayed so we missed getting a bonus trip in but I think it was worth being able to watch some great American history on TV.

Watch for another post soon with updated videos of the little boy being usual.

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