Monday, May 30, 2011

5K: Pre-Thoughts

I woke up this morning around 6am after hearing a few claps of thunder. Rain was not on the forecast that we had seen so a thunderstorm and rain was a little bit of a surprise. However, the rain didn't last long so race is on! Eddie took off on his 10K at 8:45. Henry and I headed up to the corner to cheer him on about 20 minutes in. People weren't too good about making way for a stroller so we were a half a block away when we saw him go through the intersection. LAME!

I am eating some cereal and having some water now. We'll be heading out in a little bit for the 5K. Eddie and Ellen will be running it together. Karen and I will be run/walking it together. (Turns out there is a whole method of run/walking called the Fartlek method. Because I'm 12 this name makes me laugh.)

My iPod is charged and a new running playlist has been loaded. Music really motivates me during runs and can make or break how I am feeling. Here is what is on today's playlist:
-Jock Jams Opening (Dickie V to start things off!)
-Show People from the musical Curtains
-Holiday by Green Day
-What Is This Feeling? from Wicked
-The 1997 Cadet's show "Celebration" (music of Philip Sparke)
-Basket Case by Green Day (usually not a fan of doubling up on an artist but I made an exception)
-Slava! (ah, band goodness)
-Here I Am from the musical Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels
-Butterfly (so I can imagine Katie and I doing the dance from Orange County)
-9 to 5 from the musical 9 to 5
-One of the Boys from 9 to 5
-Norwegian Wood, version by Buddy Rich
-Angry Young Man by Billy Joel
-Oh What A Beautiful Morning, version by Ray Charles with Count Basie
-All I Do Is Win with Luda!
-Around Here from 9 to 5 (yeah, I know there are 3 from this musical but I love it!)
-Devils' Dance Floor by Flogging Molly
-Forget You by Cee-Lo Green
-Let's Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas
-Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus (in honor of the Crew Leaders)
-Tik Tok by Ke$hsa

No particular order except for the opening Jock Jams.

Allrighty. Time to get changed and stretched! I'll be back with some post-race thoughts.

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  1. All I Do is Win is one of my fave running jams too... I typically start mouthing the words and doing fun hand movements. Well, at least I think they're fun. People in the neighborhood probably think I'm crazy!

    Congrats on your first run completion!!!