Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

It's been a fun past few days here in the Seavers household. The family was all together for an early celebration of PopPop and Eddie's birthdays on Saturday. Sunday was a fun day of Easter activities....egg hunts, baskets, family dinner, etc.

Here is Henry looking through his Easter basket while Skyping with Ding Dong and Grandad:

Henry got to hang out with Tuffy, our cousin's little dog, at Easter dinner. He laughed at him just like he does the cats here and didn't mind getting kisses from him. It was pretty fun to watch.

Yesterday Henry had his first nose bleed. It wasn't anything more than a few little drops but still, a nosebleed. He hasn't perfected getting from sitting to a crawling position...hence the nosebleed. He bonked his little face on the carpet. He was a good sport about it and didn't seem to notice what had happened. No pictures of that milestone. :-)

The weather has been warming up, which is making me feel good about being outside. This is a good thing considering we are starting our training for the Disney Half Marathon, which is in January. We are, however, setting our sights on a Memorial Day 5K in Ridgewood. My legs have been fighting me after runs (stairs have been painful!) but I am generally feeling good about getting out and being active. It's fun that the other siblings are also participating so we can encourage each other.

The warmer weather also makes it a little less of a challenge to want to put on a bathing suit to go to swim with Henry. It was gorgeous today so putting on our suits and heading to the pool seemed like a good thing to do. Henry is continuing to be a great little pool kid. Today he "jumped" off the wall from a sitting position to me for the first time. Granted I was bribing him with a rubber ducky but he did it! Eddie may be joining us at class next week so maybe I can get some video or photos of him in action.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One, Zoo, Teeth


I had seen an advertisment for NJPAC's Chorus Line coming to town later this spring. To promote the show coming they organized an attempt to break the world record for longest chorus line. I looked into it and decided that it would be a lot of fun...I mean, how often do you get a chance to try to break a world record?! Meredith and Karen were interested too so we learned the steps from the YouTube instructional video and loaded up on Saturday for the mall. Eddie's mom and Mike (and Henry in tow) came with us to act as supporters and documenters.

Even though we were well short of the record, it was still a lot of fun. The local paper had a little article the next day.

Here's my first attempt at using the movie making function of our Flip cam. I missed the screen to update the title and credits and it took forever to format so I'm just going to post as is...


My good friend Brett was in NYC for some concerts this weekend and since he was so close we got together at the Bronx Zoo yesterday. The trip there was a little stressful because my GPS didn't know a very important navigating road was closed the way we needed to go so it was a very roundabout trip to actually get to the zoo. However, once there we enjoyed the good weather and getting to see Brett. I don't think I had seen him for a little over a year so it was about time! Plus Henry finally got to meet him! The sea lions were definitely the highlight of the zoo....which didn't take much considering there was ONE barely visible tiger head in the whole Tiger Mountain exhibit and NO baboons in the Baboon Reserve section. However, it was a nice day and the sea lions were great so no worries.

My favorite Sea Lion photo of the day:

Little boy has been working on some bottom teeth and they are finally visible. Eddie says these don't count yet but they are visible on film so, I think they are starting to count!

Henry helping Ellen answer the phone:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

8 Months!

Tio Mike created this fantastic video montage using photos from the last eight months. (Happy 8 Month B-day, little boy!)

I had no idea he had created it (with some help from Auntie Ellen) and was blown away this afternoon when he surprised me with it!

Eddie is in Boston this weekend so I'm hoping he might check out the blog to watch this:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video Star

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Henry and I spent a lot of it outdoors so....this post is a day late. I finally uploaded videos from our trip to NC and from this weekend.

Piano Man.

Also, funny conversation between Henry and Ellen. Videography from Uncle Chewy (Kevin).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Musical Genius?

Henry has been a little "off" today and was kind of fussy at bedtime. (I think it's the teeth giving him a hard time.) He generally likes being sung to so I started my litany of kid's songs that I remembered from my yellow Disney tapes of Children's Favorite Songs. Bicycle Built for Two, The Man on the Flying Trapeze, etc. Henry was chomping away at his bottle and his eyes were getting droopy as I sang. I started up on Pop Goes the Weasel and all of a sudden his eyes were wide open and he stopped eating. I couldn't figure out why and started on another song. While I was singing I realized that we sing Pop Goes the Weasel in swim class. The babies sit on the wall and when we get to the "Pop", we pick the babies up high and plop them into the water.

So, to test to see if this was a fluke or if he really did recognize the song I started dropping the song into the middle of other songs like the Twelve Days of Christmas. Sure enough...every time I sang Pop Goes the Weasel, he would stop eating and his eyes would get really big. I did it six or seven times throughout the course of the bottle.

It's pretty amazing that he recognized it from our seven weeks of swim class...either that or he just really doesn't care for that tune.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Written earlier this afternoon:

Henry is laying in his Boppy pillow feeding himself a bottle. Sometimes I can't believe he's such a big boy! He took a super-nap this morning/early afternoon (three hours!) so I got a lot done. A few loads of laundry and some work stuff. He got up, had lunch and was playing until he got a little fussy, which usually means he's ready for an afternoon snack.

We got back from a great trip to VA/NC last night, well, technically this morning. We got in around 1:15am but I have to say the drive itself was pretty easy. No traffic and Henry slept the WHOLE WAY so it was good. Eddie and I listened to the audiobook version of "Earth" by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Pretty funny and it made the ride go by fairly quickly.

Our trip started last Monday when Henry and I headed down to Brunswick, MD to have a little visit with our friends Sean and Andrea. I hadn't seen them since November and since then they've found out they're having their own little one so it was a fun visit. Henry, Andrea and I headed to Harpers Ferry on Monday afternoon. It is pretty close to their house so it was a nice little adventure. It was pretty quiet since it was late afternoon on a Monday but we enjoyed a nice stroll and got a stamp for Henry's National Parks Passport.

Here is Andrea (looking fantastic!) and Henry on our trip:

After our walk we headed back to Brunswick to pick up Sean from the train station. (He commutes to work.) We had DELICIOUS pizza for dinner and just relaxed, which was really nice.

The next morning Henry and I headed out and down towards my parents' house. We went via Loudoun County, which is the county where I was born and raised. Since we were so close I decided to swing by the old neighborhood and see the house where I grew up. It looks pretty much the same except the people put up a small fence around the backyard and the trees are much bigger. My old swingset was still there, which is a testament to the handiwork of my parents who built it! It was really weird to be back in the area as it has been a long time since I had been there and even longer since I had spent any significant time there.

After that small detour we headed south and made it down without much difficulty. Henry is such a great little traveler! My parents were, of course, very happy to see Henry (and me). Eddie joined us on Thursday.

Eddie headed up to Newport News on Friday evening to see some folks so Dad and I enjoyed dinner at home. He made himself a fancy stir-fry while I enjoyed leftover BBQ. His dinner was very photogenic:

Over our visit we enjoyed just hanging out, harassing Henry with the camera and seeing friends.

We also got to celebrate two babies at showers, which was a lot of fun. I can't wait to meet these new little baby boys!

Henry and Hannah got a chance to hang out and play some duets while we were there:

After the shower yesterday we headed back and here we are, back to routine (hopefully). We're also waiting with fingers and toes crossed for some news on the home-front. Hopefully I'll have something good to report here soon!