Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Boy

Henry's hair was starting to get long around the ears and in the back thanks to the fact that that was the only hair that didn't fall out when he was a few weeks old. (We had a bit of time where he looked like Figure VII on this chart.)

We probably could have trimmed it ourselves but decided that it would be fun to have a "special" first haircut. Since Eddie had today off of work we too him to Rita's Snips for Pips in downtown Ridgewood. We wanted to go to a place that had a fun chair for him and that was used to cutting little kid hair.

We debated whether or not to take him this afternoon because he didn't have his normal nap in the morning. He seemed happy enough so we took him over for a trim. He sat in the taxi chair (other options were a red sports car which was occupied or a plane). They popped in an Elmo DVD about music for him and got to work. He was an extremely good little boy until the nice lady used the electric trimmer around his ears. He was NOT a fan of it. He didn't cry at all, just squirmed around. They called another worker over to blow bubbles to distract him and they got it done. (Its occurs to me now that this was about the time in the DVD that Keith Lockhart appeared to talk about instruments.....coicidence? I think not!)

After the cut was over, they put some of his hair in a little bag and attached it to a certificate for his first haircut. Very cute.

His hair looks very good and it was a fun experience. We certainly will not do this for every hair cut...we can do them ourselves....but it was a neat way to commemorate another "first" for Henry.

Here are some photographs from the adventure:

Getting ready for the snip snips!

First cut!

Being a really good boy during the haircut:

Done with the scissor portion...waiting for the electric trimmer to clean things up:

All done!

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