Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates....this time not Henry!

I realized that our blog revolves mostly around Henry. This is fine because I have a feeling most of you readers out there are "tuning in" to see what the little boy is up to. However, when I started this blog it was to keep everyone up to date on what WE were doing as a family after we moved up to New Jersey. the spaghetti sauce (or "gravy") defrosts in the microwave, here is an update on the adult members of our little family:

I am still enjoying being at home with Henry. I am still doing work long distance for CNU and I am enjoying staying connected with everyone there. My contract is up in July with them so I will be in need of a new activity for when Henry is napping! There are a few things I'll be up to:

1) House?

We are in the (hopefully) final stages of getting a house...FINALLY. It's been quite a saga and I've left a lot of it off the blog. I have been hesitant to mention our current "try" at a house because I've been afraid to jinx it. We are one repair by the owners away from having a house to call our own....we hope! The owners have been super about doing what we've asked to make sure the house is up to snuff . I've had a good feeling about this house from the start...moreso than the other FIVE we attempted offers on so I'm hoping that it's a good sign.

2) Running

I can't remember if I wrote in an earlier post that the Seavers Sisters are going to be running in the Disney Half-Marathon and the Seavers Brothers (and Kathleen!) will be running the Disney Full Marathon in January. I have had some catching up to do with the rest of the jocks in this family and I was just hitting my strides (haha) with getting into a routine and actually enjoying running when I started having some foot/ankle pain. I've taken some days off of running and am starting to feel better. From what I can tell from Dr. Internet it might have been caused by my shoes being too tight around the top of my foot. So once I feel up to running again I'll try a looser fit for my shoes or maybe explore a different pair of shoes.

It's been frustrating to not be able to go out for the runs. We are going to be doing a 5K in Ridgewood on Memorial Day so I'm losing precious training time to get to the point where that run won't be struggle.

3) Brainstorming/Executing Ideas

I have volunteered to help out the boardmember for the Ridgewood Concert Band that works with tickets (subscriptions,individual concerts, etc.) and fundraising. Over the last month or so I've been brainstorming some ideas to help bring in more people and more money to the band. I sent my ideas to a few of the band members and had some conversations that led to me volunteering to help. I am nerdily excited about it and hope that I can help to make a difference. If you or someone you know own a business that wants to sponsor a concert....let me know! :-)

That's enough about me...

Eddie continues to enjoy his job. He's up to his ears this week as it is Senior Week and Commencement. Once this week is over he'll have a little more flexibility and "easy" work load. We are working on plans for summer adventures....Cape Cod Baseball League opening weekend in Chatham, a trip to VA/NC, our traditional longer vacation on Cape Cod in July, etc.

The house is pretty quiet at the moment as I write this. Eddie's parents are off on a cruise (JEALOUS!), Ellen is at softball (GO Ridgewood!), Eddie is coming back from work and Henry is napping. We are trading Eddie's parents for mine tomorrow. They will be up for a few days for a visit. I am pretty excited to see them and to be able to have them come along to Henry's fun adventures like library time and swim class! They'll also be able to make it to the last Ridgewood Concert Band concert of the season. Henry and I will be heading back south with them on Saturday for a week visit there. I am beyond excited to see all of my lovely friends down there, meet Tim and Amanda's new baby boy and hopefully meet Sarah and Matt's! (Come on little baby!)

No photos to post this entry. I'll have one about an adventure we had last week but I can't post them just yet... :-)

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