Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

It's been a fun past few days here in the Seavers household. The family was all together for an early celebration of PopPop and Eddie's birthdays on Saturday. Sunday was a fun day of Easter activities....egg hunts, baskets, family dinner, etc.

Here is Henry looking through his Easter basket while Skyping with Ding Dong and Grandad:

Henry got to hang out with Tuffy, our cousin's little dog, at Easter dinner. He laughed at him just like he does the cats here and didn't mind getting kisses from him. It was pretty fun to watch.

Yesterday Henry had his first nose bleed. It wasn't anything more than a few little drops but still, a nosebleed. He hasn't perfected getting from sitting to a crawling position...hence the nosebleed. He bonked his little face on the carpet. He was a good sport about it and didn't seem to notice what had happened. No pictures of that milestone. :-)

The weather has been warming up, which is making me feel good about being outside. This is a good thing considering we are starting our training for the Disney Half Marathon, which is in January. We are, however, setting our sights on a Memorial Day 5K in Ridgewood. My legs have been fighting me after runs (stairs have been painful!) but I am generally feeling good about getting out and being active. It's fun that the other siblings are also participating so we can encourage each other.

The warmer weather also makes it a little less of a challenge to want to put on a bathing suit to go to swim with Henry. It was gorgeous today so putting on our suits and heading to the pool seemed like a good thing to do. Henry is continuing to be a great little pool kid. Today he "jumped" off the wall from a sitting position to me for the first time. Granted I was bribing him with a rubber ducky but he did it! Eddie may be joining us at class next week so maybe I can get some video or photos of him in action.

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