Thursday, April 7, 2011

Musical Genius?

Henry has been a little "off" today and was kind of fussy at bedtime. (I think it's the teeth giving him a hard time.) He generally likes being sung to so I started my litany of kid's songs that I remembered from my yellow Disney tapes of Children's Favorite Songs. Bicycle Built for Two, The Man on the Flying Trapeze, etc. Henry was chomping away at his bottle and his eyes were getting droopy as I sang. I started up on Pop Goes the Weasel and all of a sudden his eyes were wide open and he stopped eating. I couldn't figure out why and started on another song. While I was singing I realized that we sing Pop Goes the Weasel in swim class. The babies sit on the wall and when we get to the "Pop", we pick the babies up high and plop them into the water.

So, to test to see if this was a fluke or if he really did recognize the song I started dropping the song into the middle of other songs like the Twelve Days of Christmas. Sure enough...every time I sang Pop Goes the Weasel, he would stop eating and his eyes would get really big. I did it six or seven times throughout the course of the bottle.

It's pretty amazing that he recognized it from our seven weeks of swim class...either that or he just really doesn't care for that tune.

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