Monday, February 21, 2011

To Ding Dong and Grandad's House We Go!

Henry and I headed south on Tuesday morning. He was a super-traveler and slept six of the eight hours we drove! We stopped twice for food, diaper and stretching. We got to my parents' house around 3 and they were, of course, delighted to see him. He showed off his rolling abilities and was just generally a cute kid, as usual.

We spent Wednesday relaxing and took a field trip to the library. We got lots of books for Henry, including "What's So Great About The Donner Party?". (As Katie said, "They were tender and delicious?") The book is for older elementary school kids writing reports I would imagine but was a relatively interesting read, with bolded key words like "flesh".

I headed up to Newport News on Thursday to have some meetings and to catch up with some folks from CNU. (Mom and Dad watch Henry...what a chore for them! ha ha.) It was so good to see everyone and a little weird to be back just for the felt like I hadn't even left. I got to have dinner with Jacqui and her little man, which was great. Eddie's flight came in that night in Newport News so I picked him up and then we headed back to my parents house.

Friday was spent hanging out at home in the morning. It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day with temperatures reaching the mid-70s. We took Henry outside for his first encounter with bubbles. The Moyock wind made it a little difficult to enjoy them since they flew by so quickly but I think he generally enjoyed being outside. He also sat up by himself for a long time when we were out there, which was a new thing for him. (Usually he would be good for a little bit and then tip over but he really got the hang of it that afternoon.)

He also got to explore the feeling of grass between his toes, which was another first I think. Here is a shot of Henry and Ding Dong's dirty feet!

For lunch on Friday Henry tried carrots for the first time! We took a video of it but I'm not going to post it because it was so uneventful. He was unphased by the new taste and just gobbled it all up. I will, however, post some pictures since who doesn't love a kid with veggie mush on his face!

Eddie and I took Henry up to Newport News that afternoon to see some people on campus and then to go out to dinner. It was, again, really nice to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday was another beautiful day. We relaxed for a while, took a field trip to Babies R Us for clearance clothes, had a delicious steak dinner and then played games with Sarah and Matt. Henry also had some fun in his jumper. He has started to get the hang of it. Unfortunately he doesn't do as well when the camera is out...he seems to know that I'm trying to capture him doing something and stops just to be funny. But here is a little clip for some fun:

My parents headed on their vacation to Hilton Head on Sunday morning so we said Hasta Luego to them and then headed up to meet up with Katie for Cracker Barrel breakfast (YUM!) and Target galavanting. We then went to watch kickball....and Eddie got to play! He was pretty excited about it and I think this may inspire him to start a WAKA league up here in Jersey. We went out with our friends for post-game snacks and then headed back to Newport News to have dinner with the Ritchey girls. It was good to see them. It's amazing how much more like little ladies they are every time we see them....well, Ella and Audrey...Carolyn is always a lady...haha!!

We then headed to CNU for the senior recital of Charles, a student that I have known since he was a freshman. He worked for me in the office and is also a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi. He reminds me so much of one of my close friends from high school, which I think is why he and I bonded early in his collegiate career. I was so proud to watch him perform, to sing in the circle of brothers after the recital and then to watch him propose to his girlfriend after we sang! It was quite the evening for him and I was glad that we could be there to see it!

Henry, Eddie and I packed up and headed back to Jersey this morning. I was kind of concerned that we were going to have a troublesome trip up because Henry was not a happy camper this morning. However, he ended up being a good traveler again and we made it only having to stop once when he woke up for food. (He slept most of the way other than that one time.) We were welcomed back to northern Jersey with a fresh six inches of snow and freezing temperatures! (The roads were clear by the time we got up here.)

So we're back and ready to get back into a routine. Swim class starts this week so Ellen and I took Henry to try out the pool as a test run. He didn't have much of a reaction to the whole thing, which I guess is better than screaming! Again, there is video but not very interesting. Maybe in a few weeks I'll try again at class once he's doing his Phleps-esque lap swimming.

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