Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lots of Fun

Well, after the snow from last week we thought it would be a fun time to take Henry on his first sledding adventure! We bundled him up, blew up the snow tubes and headed to Citizens Park here in Ridgewood. There was a small hill that we used to take him down. He didn't really have much reaction to the whole thing but did smile a little at the end of the rides each time.

Here is a video of his first sled ride!

The same park has a bigger hill that us "big kids" went down a few times. Ellen and I thought it would be a good idea to link ourselves together and go down. It was a good idea except I held onto Ellen instead of my tube so as you can see, it had a pretty funny result.

On Friday, Kevin, Julie, Ellen and I went sledding during the day. We had the two inflatable tubes and two plastic sheet sleds. We tried numerous times to make it down the big hill in a chain of four of us....not so much of a success! I wish there were videos of our attempts because they were pretty hilarious. I'm just glad none of us broke any limbs!

On Friday evening, Eddie chaperoned a trip for work to Medieval Times and I got to go along with him. We had a really good time. The food was good. The show was good....and our knight won!

This is not our knight but a cool photographic opportunity...the lighting wasn't that great and they were riding fast on their horses this is the best I could do.

Our victorious Yellow Knight!

I like how this turned out for some reason. Just a suit of armor in the lobby.

The weekend was pretty low key, which was nice. Hockey All-Star Game, looking at some houses (still no luck) and hanging out with MomMom and PopPop.

Last night I had a dress rehearsal for the upcoming concert of the Ridgewood Concert Band. As I think I have written about before on the blog, the principal trumpter player of the New York Philharmonic, Phil Smith. Because my parents and many of my best friends are trumpet players, I've been pretty excited about this for a while. Last night he was at the dress rehearsal. It was very cool to be able to watch him play and to rehearse with him. He, his wife and a composer/pianist (Joe Turrin) are doing a few trumpet, piano and voice trio arrangements of some Gershwin tunes on the concert. They rehearsed them yesterday.....so awesome. I ended up staying after our part of rehearsal was done to listen to them rehearse. It was me, the conductor and the musicians. Pretty awesome way to end my day.

Henry continues to be a curious little boy. Yesterday and today he began to reach out to pet one of the cats. The cats still don't know what to think about him but for now Zeppelin tolerates Henry petting him. I'm sure that this will change once Henry figures out how to pull tails.

He is also transitioning to a more consistent big boy night schedule. I'm not going to actually write anything out so that I don't jinx it for tonight. :-)

We're hunkered down this evening in anticipation of the ice and sleet that we're supposed to get starting around midnight. Some of the local school already have delayed openings. Since December 26th Northern New Jersey has gotten around 58 inches of snow. Crazy!

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