Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roly Poly

Well, he's finally done it! Henry has figured out how to roll over. People have been asking us over and over if he had been doing it so it's nice to say that he his! I think he put off doing it because he's always disliked being on his stomach. He did it the first time last week when I was the only one around. He waited until Sunday to do it again when other people were around. Today when Ellen was with him he rolled over quite a few times. I tried to catch it on video when I got home but no luck...he just stared at the camera.

This song has been stuck in my head because of our new roly-poly baby:

(Sidenote: They really don't make movies like they used to. Give me Doris Day and Rock Hudson over Angelina and Brad any day!)

Last week, we had a mini-adventure to Bookends to go to a signing with Weird Al Yankovic! I've liked him ever since the summer my cousins and I watched his movie UHF about thirty times in a two week period. His song parodies are pretty hilarious and, as it turns out, he writes a pretty good kids book!

We had a good time at the signing as Weird Al LOVED Henry (who doesn't!?). Even Weird Al's bodyguard started talking to us. Sadly none of the photos that the Bookends staffer took (you give them your camera and they do the pictures) have Weird Al looking at the camera but they are still cute.

On Friday night I had the Ridgewood Concert Band concert. It went really well and it felt so good to be playing/performing again. Eddie, Eddie's mom and our friend Meredith came to be my fans. They all enjoyed the show (or at least pretended to). Eddie acted as photographer for the evening and did a good job! Here is a shot of Phil Smith and I performing together....kind of. (You can just see part of my face.)

After we were done I spoke with Phil Smith and his wife. They were both completely sweet and kind. I got him to sign a concert poster and Eddie took our picture.

On Sunday Aunt Virginia, MomMom and PopPop came over for SuperBowl fun. Henry sported the Packers jersey that my parents got for him. Turns out he was rooting for the right team!

Today Henry got to visit his new doctor, since we sadly had to leave his pediatrician in Virginia. She was very nice and Henry behaved like the sweet little boy he is...until he got three shots...but even then he wasn't too upset. He continues to grow and be healthy, for which we are very thankful!

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