Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here and There and Everywhere

We continued our busy-bee schedule on Saturday with a trip down to Princeton to see a friend. Susan was an RA at CNU and also was one of my student workers. She's one of the coolest people I know...after all, she introduced me to Trololo. She is currently at Princeton Theological Seminary and we've been talking about a visit for quite some time. Ellen, Henry and I met up with her for lunch and a little walking tour of downtown Princeton (including a gourmet olive oil shop!) and the campus. My favorite part of the trip was being in the chapel on campus. The sun was out and the stained glass windows were casting colors on the wall. It was a really neat effect:

It was really good to see Susan. I can't wait to visit again when the weather is a little warmer so we can do more exploring of the campus and the surrounding area.

Eddie had been away at a conference for the weekend and returned on Sunday night. Henry was nice enough to stay awake until he got home.

Monday we did a little preparation for a fun crafty project (stay tuned!) and I had rehearsal. Eddie and I split some cute little desserts after my rehearsal and then packed up for our trip as our Valentine's Day celebration...haha.

Henry and I headed out from Ridgewood this morning around 7:15 and made it down to NC around 3. Henry was a very patient (and sleepy) traveler, which was good. (Hopefully his sleeping tonight isn't too screwy from sleeping so much during the day.) My parents were, of course, glad to see us and we had a good evening to just hanging out. Henry showed off his rolling over skills and his cereal eating.

I am looking forward to heading to bed soon and to having a relaxing day tomorrow. Eddie will join us on Thursday night for a long weekend away. It should be good!

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