Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Between snow (twice!), a week away for fun and Thanksgiving and just life in general we've had a busy few weeks with our little family!  In all honesty, I've been kind of uninspired about the Alphabet Adventure lately and am hoping that actually being at home for a few weeks in a row will help get me on track.

Anyways...for those of you following along, here are some highlights from the last three weeks of Alphabet Adventure:

Letter H:

Letter H Week was exciting for Henry as H is his favorite of all of the letters.  He has been able to write an H for quite some time now and he loves to spot it everywhere.  (He loves to say "H for Henry!")

During H week we read some fun books, including one of my favorites "Hippos Go Beserk" by Sandra Boynton.  (Her books are all hilarious.) 

I don't have any pictures but we made a "Hug" to send to Uncle Chewy, who is away at college.  We got one of these "hugs" in the mail from a friend when Henry had his robot surgery and I thought it was such a cute idea.  We traced Henry's Hands (another H word!) and cut them out.  Then we "measured his hug" (his armspan) with a colorful ribbon.  We attached the hand cutouts to the ends of the ribbon and we had a Henry-sized hug!

This week Henry got to have some letter and number Spaghetti-Os.  He got a kick out of looking at what he was about to eat.  In this picture he was saying "What letter?!"

For his letter H craft, we made an H out of handprints.  Henry really liked this because I let him make a mess after we got his nice handprints done.

He ended up touching his face after painting his hand red.  He looked a little like a Halloween haunted house extra.

Letter I:

Poor Letter I week was pretty lame.  We were busy getting ready to be away for a week and I just wasn't inspired (incidentally an I word!).  We had plans to make ice cream at home (science class style with the salt and ice) but never got around to it.  We did read some I books, including a Clifford book called The Ice Race.  We made our Letter I craft while at my parents' house so I'm actually in a picture:

Letter J:

J week took place when we were at my parents' house for Thanksgiving so we didn't really do much (not that being home helped out H or I week!).  Henry did get to help make a special Jell-O treat:

We also made a neat J Craft inspired by Henry and Grandad's special book "Pout Pout Fish" that has a page where the title character meets a jellyfish.  We made a Jellyfish J using construction paper for the body and yarn for tentacles.  Henry enjoyed making it and the final product is pretty cute.

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