Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alphabet Adventure: Letter G

Poor Letter G week got interrupted by a hurricane and so it was pretty relaxed and, honestly, pretty lame.  Silly storm kept us from visiting goats at the local farm, the big ghost cutouts at the local park and since we were back and forth between our house and Eddie's grandparents I didn't bother much with putting together G activities for him to explore throughout the week. We didn't even take any pictures of the things we DID do.  (Or so I thought...)

Thankfully with Halloween falling in this week we could take advantage of things like Ghost shaped Peeps for a tasty treat.  I had also gotten a set of little plastic bag ghosts from the Dollar Store that we made while hanging out with family.  (Basically just white plastic bags you stuff with a newspaper ball and hang up with twist ties.)  We made them and hung them around the room where we spent most of our time at Eddie's grandparents' house. 

We spent the last part of G week at my parents' house in NC.  Turns out that my mom did snap some picture of Henry with Grandad that we can put here to show some G fun! They helped Henry use glue (another G word!) to put small pictures of Grandad's face around a letter G we printed out.  It's a fun addition to our craft alphabet. 

Henry and Grandad played the piano together:

And of course they spent time cuddling and reading Pout-Pout Fish, their favorite.

Thanks, Mom, for the pictures!  Here's to hoping H week is a little more constructive and well-documented!

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  1. I really want pictures of Henry at a fish market catching halibut for H week.

    Why was the first H word I thought of halibut?