Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snow and The Season

I realized I've been mostly recapping our Alphabet Adventure here and have neglected the main purpose of the blog...to keep you all updated as to what we're up to.  While the alphabet is part of it, it's certainly not all of it!

Last week we had our SECOND snow of the year!  Henry loved being able to play out in the snow and asked to go out as soon as he saw the snow starting to collect.  I told him we had to wait until there was a little bit more before we could play.  He kept crawling up on the couch to look out the window to see if there was enough yet to go out.  Thankfully it was falling at a fairly steady rate so it didn't take long.

We got bundled up and headed out.  Henry ran around the yard with his tongue out, trying to catch snowflakes.  He even remembered how Daddy showed him how to make snow angels a few weeks before during our first snow.  We had a blast just running around and having fun.  I, of course, harassed him with a camera.  I'm glad I did because he looks so stinkin' cute in these.

Later that night when Eddie came home, the two of them went out for more fun.  They built a snowman, which Henry adored.  (The snowman tipped over the next day and was the last bit of snow to melt.  Everytime we went out he would say, "Oh no, Snowman!")

We've also started getting into the holiday spirit.  Eddie and I put the tree up while Henry was napping one afternoon.  When he came down after his nap he was very excited to see the tree.  He said that it was "beautiful and bright" and enjoyed helping put some of the ornaments up.  Most of our ornaments are fragile so the tree is a little top-heavy with decorations!

We still have our Christmas Village to set up but the boxes are up and ready for set-up.  Eventually we'll get to that.  For now we're enjoying having the tree up.  Henry even asked me to turn the lights on this afternoon for him.

Last year Henry was too little to really know much about Santa.  He would say "Ho Ho" when he saw Santa but beyond that, not much.  This year we started mentioning him and now Henry can tell us a number of things about him.  For example, Santa is going to come bring him toys and presents.  (He even pointed out some things in a catalog that he thinks Santa will bring.)  Also, Santa gets cookies and strawberries.  (Not sure where the strawberries came from but we may be getting some to put out!) 

We have an elf that will be visiting our house soon to report back to Santa to make sure Henry is being a big boy before Christmas.  (Judging from how I got Henry to eat his dinner the other night by having a toy tiger "tell me" that Henry should eat certain number of bites of different foods I think the elf may be helpful around here!)  It should be a fun few weeks!

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