Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alphabet Adventure: Letter E

I'm not sure if it was the letter itself or just our moods/schedule last week but Letter E week was not very exciting.  I had grand plans to do superfun activities with plastic Easter Eggs (like these), make a cute elephant craft, etc.  but Henry was more interested in playing with his trains (he's OBSESSED right now) and I wasn't feeling creative so we had a simple week.

The Letter E craft for the week was an easy one. I used this as my inspiration but just had him color in these eggs, I cut them out and Henry glued them on a big letter E that I had cut out ahead of time.

We had "breakfast for dinner" one night and experimented with Picture Frame Eggs.  I could only find our music note cookie cutter so that's what we used.  Henry enjoyed the process but didn't care too much for the final product. 

Another E activity we did was playing with envelopes in our little mailbox.  I wrote the uppercase letters that we've done so far with different colored markers on some small envelopes.  I used the same markers to write their lowercase counterparts on a few sheets of paper and put them in their matching letter envelopes.  I wasn't expecting Henry to actually sort and do much with these but wanted to have some lowercase letters hanging around since the majority of what toys, videos, etc. have is all uppercase.  He enjoyed playing with the papers and putting them in and out of the mailbox.  (This is an activity we will bring back at some point when he's older.)

Other random notes from E week:
-We rode on an escalator and in an elevator at IKEA on Tuesday.  I note the day of the week because they have free kids meals on Tuesdays.  So we had some E fun (Henry loves escalators) and free lunch.
-I printed out the E sheet from the Tot Time Notebook ABC Tracing and Coloring Sheet.  I've been doing this each week and Henry likes the pages.  We're not pushing learning how to write the letters right now but he does like to try to trace the shapes and color in the pictures.
-The libraries in our area all have the alphabet book by Jane Moncure.  Each letter book tells a story about a character that puts things that start with that letter in a "sound box".  Henry LOVES these books and they are an easy way to illustrate letter sounds with familiar objects. 

That's about all for E week!

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