Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alphabet Adventure: Letter C

Letter C Week started out with a spur-of-the-moment trip to a local Craft fair.  We didn't purchase any crafts or really talk about what a craft was so this doesn't really count.  The only thing Henry got super-excited about was getting to climb in and on a firetruck (NOT a C word!).  But he sure looked cute (c word!) doing it!  (Thanks to M for taking this picture on her phone.)

Our Letter C craft this week was a Caterpillar shaped like a C. I printed the circles on cardstock and then let Henry paint them.  This week we experimented with sponge painting.  Henry didn't really want to stamp the sponges but liked smearing the paint around with the sponges.  After the paint dried I cut the circles out and then we worked together to glue them to a C that I had cut out.  He kept calling it his "hungry petapillar" so we made sure to watch an animated version of the story online and read the book after we finished the project.

I'm trying to do more cooking with Henry so this week we made cookies and also carrot bread.  Henry didn't really do much assisting with the carrot bread as he was too busy chomping a giant carrot and Skyping with my parents while I did the rest of the cooking.  (I had never made carrot bread before but it is pretty tasty.  It was a good way to use up some carrots that were just sitting in the fridge.)

Here is Chef Henry on cookie day, wearing the apron and chef's hat that our friend Meredith made for him for his birthday:

We finished up C week with a big road trip south to Clemson!  Eddie and I had not been to campus since 2009 so we were excited (especially Eddie) to share it with Henry.  We were lucky enough to be able to stay with a former student that we worked with at CNU who is now going to grad school there.  She was a perfect hostess and even helped us celebrate C week by having cookies for Henry to decorate!

We all went to the big football game on Saturday.  We headed to campus early to enjoy some tailgating and to watch the marching band's pre-game performance.  Henry was a trooper all day, especially considering he had to skip his nap because of game time.  His favorite parts of the game were the balloons they let go at the start of the game, the fireworks after each score and getting to spell C-L-E-M-S-O-N over and over again during Tiger Rag.

It was a really great weekend for our little family.  Henry was a super-trooper in the car and it was fun to share things with him.  He and I looked through the pictures from the weekend on the computer this morning and he got excited about everything all over again.  It's fun to know that we are building memories.

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