Monday, October 1, 2012

Alphabet Adventure: Letter B Week

After a successful Letter A week we bounded into B week with a trip into the city (New York City) to the Broadway Flea Market with some friends.  We checked out the flea market and then met up with another friend in Bryant Park.  Henry LOVED chasing the birds (another B word!) and got to ride on the carousel (not a B word but it was a fun thing for him to do).  It was neat to watch him looking around at everything in the city.  It will be fun to do this more as he gets older.

For our B Week Letter B craft we decorated a B to look like a bee.

My parents came into town on Tuesday so they got to have some Letter B fun with us.

We made a delicious Banana Cream Pie.  Henry had fun making the pie (especially smashing the graham crackers for the crust with his hammer!) but didn't really like the product. 

We experimented with a Glow Bath.  This was Henry's favorite activity of the week.  I found the information about it online and thought it looked and sounded awesome.  I used a few highlighters to make the water black-light reactive, tossed in some glowsticks and glow in the dark animals (both from the dollar store) and flipped on the blacklight.  The water did not glow brightly like I hoped but it still looked pretty cool, mostly because of the glowsticks.

Henry played for a long time in the glow bath.  We ended up draining out the highlighter water and filled the tub again and put some Johnson and Johnson vapor bath soap in (Henry had a stuffy nose last week) and the glowsticks looked really neat under the bubbles.  In the future we'll just skip the highlighter part of the activity and use bubbles.

Note: The Dollar Tree around here has packs of 15 glowsticks for a dollar. We did a second glow-bath later in the week sans-hightlighter water and three glowsticks with some bubbles were enough to amuse Henry for quite a while.

Bubble beard in the bath:

We also experimented with painting with bubbles.  It took us a little bit to get the technique down but once we figured out it worked best to get clusters right down on the paper and let them sit until they popped we had some success. 

We also read lots of books that featured the letter B like Baby Beluga and Little Pig Joins the Band.
Overall, another good week of Alphabet Adventure.  On to Letter C!

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  1. Beth, (another B word) you're the Best! Thanks for sharing these pretty rockin' ideas. :)