Monday, November 7, 2011

We've Got The Power!

Power was restored to Ridgewood last Tuesday evening. While we were thankful to have a warm house and good company (Thanks MomMom and PopPop!) during the outage it was good to get back to this house.

Since I didn't get to post Halloween pictures last week, here you go!

Henry The Octopus was even featured in The Ridgewood News on Friday. The picture is from the Halloween Parade at the library that we went to:

Over the last week we've had pretty routine days. Henry's love of reading is really blossoming. He now regularly picks out books, brings them to me and then tries to climb up on my lap. I love that he does this and I hope that he continues this!

Our new house continues to progress towards completion. It's taking longer than we thought but each day something new is done. Hardwood floors are done, kitchen cabinets are up, and furniture has been delivered. There is still plenty that needs to be finished but its really starting to look like what will be our home!

Eddie has been busy with work and reffing soccer after work. This weekend he took some time to head into NYC to support a friend running the NYC Marathon. He seemed to enjoy the experience. It's hard to believe the race had 47,000 runners. So many people!

Speaking of running, we are now 61 days from the Disney Half Marathon. My training is going well for the most part. I ran 8 miles for the first time over the weekend. I felt good during and after the run, which was exciting. I know that there will be "bad runs" down the road but for now I'm feeling good about it all. I've been keeping an online log of my runs starting with the 5K we ran on Memorial Day. Since that day I've run 142.62 miles in training. I never thought I'd be excited to watch the miles tick by but I am.

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