Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15 Month Appointment

This entry has been sitting in the draft box for a few days and I keep forgetting to post it...

Henry had his 15-month doctor's appointment last week (a little bit after his actual 15 month "birthday"). He now weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches long. His pediatrician is happy with his stats as it's pretty consistent with how he's measured at his other appointments. She asked if he knew any words, which includes sign language words. He is way ahead of the curve thanks to his signing.

Just for our record when I look back at this, at this point he knows the signs for:
-all done
-thank you

He has also invented signs for:
-Lenny (Leonard Bernstein...he waves his hands/arms around like he's conducting)

He also says:
-Llama (from the book Llama, Llama Red Pajama)
-Banana (kind of)
-Ah-Ah (for in "ooh ooh ah ah")
-Nnnn (Ellen)
-Mima (Jemima, as in Aunt Jemima waffles)
-Tar (Guitar)
-No No (complete with finger wagging)

(Quick note about signing: I hadn't really planned on doing much beyond more, all done, food and milk but he really started loving the Baby Signing Time DVDs. He picks up the signs really quickly and seems to like learning and using them. It is really helpful from my end to know what he wants. It really cuts down on his frustration because he's able to communicate with us.)

He walks/runs everywhere and enjoys playing at the playground. He even goes down the slides by himself now (feet-first, on his stomach!). He loves books and music. He likes to wave bye-bye and blow kisses, which people find pretty cute, especially the librarians. He can be very sweet and seems to like to make people laugh. He also knows what he's not supposed to do and gets a twinkle in his eye when he does it.

We have established a "time out" corner in the house that we started using when he kept playing with the cat food and water. (It really worked!) We just started using it for when he touches Grandpa's computer. Yesterday he walked up to the computer and said "No No" while wagging his finger towards the desk. He then walked to his time out corner, sat down and said "No No" again. It was so cute and a sign that he understands that the corner is a consequence. Amazing.

It's been an amazing 15 months and it's neat to watch him learn and grow.

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