Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ack! Thursday already!

Sorry to our loyal readers who have been waiting patiently for an update this week....

We packed up the car and headed south to North Carolina on Monday. Henry was a super-traveler as usual. I spent part of the ride in the backseat with him so that I could help to entertain him for part of the drive since he no longer sleeps for most of the trip.

We got down to VA in good time and stopped at BDubs for dinner with the Rossettinis and Katie. It was a very tasty meal and it was good to see them all. After dinner Eddie and I hit up Target and Walmart in search of some items for Henry's upcoming birthday party. (Not much luck!) We then headed the rest of the way to my parents' house where we let Henry crawl around until his heart's content since he had been cooped up in a carseat or high chair all day! (My parents weren't home from band rehearsal yet.)

We spent Tuesday relaxing around the house until mid-afternoon when we headed up to Norfolk to the Botanical Garden for their 5K race. We got there early and got to pay a very small fee ($1 a piece) to get into the gardens and walked around a little before racetime. The Garden is located right next to the Norfolk airport and has a neat little observation patio where you can watch the planes come and go. Air traffic wasn't too busy at that time but we were able to show Henry a few planes taking off. It was pretty hot out and he was tired so he wasn't super-excited about it but it was neat. I would like to take him back there when he is a little bit older.

The race was H-O-T. Eddie was hoping to push me to a new 5K Personal Record but the heat and the lack of water at the only water station got into my head and we ran it in 31:30. Not my best but not my worst. The actual race course through the gardens was really neat. There were neat little fountains, terraces, gardens, bridges,etc. along the way. At the end of the race there was freshly cut watermelon, bananas, pizza, water and MILLER LITE!

Though I let my mental game bring me down a little I am still pleased to have another race under my belt and am looking forward to starting to add mileage to my training runs. I'm not wishing time away but I'm also looking forward to cooler temperatures!

On Wednesday we did lots of errand running to get things for Henry's birthday party. (We decided a while back to have a First Birthday Party for Henry down here just as a way for us to see friends and to have celebrate this big milestone.)

Today Eddie and I met up with Katie for a round of golf at the course in the neighborhood where my parents live. (We had a coupon.) It was HOT HOT HOT but we had a good time. Katie and I aren't really golfers but we managed just fine! I enjoyed it and improved a little as the day went on. Not a hobby I'll want to pick up full-time but definitely something I would enjoy doing here and there.

We have a few more days of relaxing before Henry's Party. We'll be heading back to NJ after his party but this time we only have a week before a family cruise!

I'll post some pictures when we return to NJ.

For now, ciao from NC!

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