Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First First Birthday Party

Because we were planning on being down in VA/NC anyway around this time we thought it would be fun to have a First Birthday Party for Henry. Really this was also a time for us to have a lot of our friends and family together for us to see too! We chose Pout-Pout Fish as the theme since it is a book that Henry lovs and is special to him and my parents. We made some character cut-outs to hang around the house and Henry LOVED them. He would go nuts, point to Pout-Pout Fish and whisper "Pow-Pow". It was adorable.

The party itself was fun. Unfortunately it was hot and had rained a little so we couldn't play any fun lawn games but we sat around inside, ate, chatted, etc. We sang Happy Birthday to Henry and gave him his first cake. He didn't know what to do with it but ended up squishing it and barely ate any of it.

I was really glad to have had the opportunity to have our friends and family together to share his "birthday" since we will be in New Jersey on his actual birthday.

Speaking of New Jersey, we drove back up after Henry's party. The drive was uneventful (thankfully!) and we were back and in bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Eddie headed back to work on Monday morning and Henry and I worked on getting back into our routine.

Yesterday was our weekly "picking" adventure. We hit the motherload! Julie, Kevin and I rounded a corner to see the unassembled version of this:

It is a little faded from the sun and could use a little wash but it looks like it is in great shape. (I googled the product and see that it costs around 500 bucks!) I am looking forward to getting it cleaned up and assembled for Henry to play on!

In Home news, Eddie and I have a meeting with a contractor tonight to (hopefully) finalize some rennovation plans for the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. It will be nice to get things going so that we can feel like real progress is being made and can get closer to actually moving in.

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