Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Captains Ahoy

The reason for the delay in posts is because I am down in Newport News at CNU for Setting Sail, their freshman orientation program. It's my last official act as a CNU employee on my extended contract. It's been really great to be back on campus, working with some incredible staff and students and feeling back "at home" in the office. It's not that I don't miss my co-workers and the students when I'm in New Jersey (because I do) but being here really drives home how many great relationships I was able to form in the five years that I worked here. I always say that I love that I can walk into almost any office on campus and have a "friend" there. It's been nice to see a lot of those people again.

The days are long but it's so much fun to see everyone coming together to put out a great orientation program and to see the incoming students start to really get excited about coming to CNU in the fall.

This orientation has been the easiest for me by far because I was doing behind the scenes works (mainly on our online registration and information system) and just got to show up and do a small part of a big picture. I commented to my boss that this year is also much easier than last year because I'm not 7 months pregnant!

Right now I'm up in the office using the internet since I don't pick it up in the residence hall room where I am staying. There is a social event in the building tonight for the students so currently the Cupid Shuffle is blasting and there are a bunch of students dancing downstairs.

Henry has been hanging out with my parents while I am here on campus. I got to go home for dinner on Tuesday so I could see him a little bit. He had a big smile when I walked in and was in a good mood so it was a nice way to spend a little part of the day. I will get to head home tomorrow afternoon for the night. Eddie flies in on Friday so it will be nice to have us all together again before I have to head back for week 2 of orientation sessions.

I'm going to head off now but just wanted to check in so that my readers could know that I was okay and the blog wasn't dead (since you know it's two days past when I usually post...haha).

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