Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Already?!

I can't believe that we are in November already. Where has time gone?

Since the last entry...

Our POD was delivered to the house and we got everything packed up. It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated between us, especially considering we don't have a large amount of furniture. Thankfully my parents had done A LOT of our packing for us while we were at work over the last few weeks. (I don't know what we would have done without them!) Eddie could be a gold medal Olympic packer so every square inch of the POD was used.

My parents and I went to see the Fab Faux in concert at the Ferguson Center on Saturday night. They are a Beatles cover/tribute band and are a phenomenal group of musicians. I had seen them last year and loved it...this year did not disappoint either. They played a set of just random Beatles music and then after intermission played all of Abbey Road. Pretty awesome.

On Sunday my parents left to head back home in the morning. We then took Henry to our friends' house to hang out and to watch some football. While we were there, Tim fed Henry his lunch. And while feeding Henry decided to hold the bottle on his own!

(He hasn't done it since then and I'm okay with that because if he holds it himself that means he's a big boy!)

Post-football we came back up to Newport News to take Henry trick-or-treating with some friends. It was so much fun even though Henry didn't really do anything other than hang out in his banana costume. My favorite costume that I saw was a boy dressed as Albert Einstein! I enjoy Halloween a great deal I think because it brings back memories of going out with my dad. We always seemed to have such fun.

Here is Henry in his costume the night of Trick or Treating:

Monday morning brought the POD folks back to our house to pick it up. We ended up with a lot still after the POD was packed so Eddie ended up getting a small moving truck for our miscellaneous extras. His dad flew in on Monday night and drove the truck up while Eddie drove the car with Henry.

It was pretty hard to say goodbye to Henry and Eddie yesterday morning before heading to work. I know it'll only be until Friday night that we'll be apart but it's the first time we've been apart for that long. I stopped in at lunchtime to see them (since their departure was delayed) for a quick visit. Henry was looking adorable in his new striped shirt. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of him before they left.

They made it safely to New Jersey last evening and I was able to Skype with them. Henry seemed a little confused by the whole thing...seeing me and hearing me but through a computer screen. We Skyped again tonight and he was adorable, as usual. I'm pretty thankful for technology like that so I can interact a little bit with the little guy.

Since this is a family blog and not just a Henry blog I should also mention that today was Eddie's first day at his new job. We chatted online here and there and spoke briefly tonight and from what I've deduced he had a good day. Bagels, out to lunch, etc. He also went to see two houses and both were No Go's...two more tomorrow.

Well, I think that about does it for this entry...

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