Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

Today Henry turns 3 months old...time sure is flying!

We had a fantastic time last week at the Thomas Edison park and Henry earned his first Junior Ranger badge! I really enjoyed taking him out even though he won't remember it. It felt good to get my camera going again for photographs of things other than Henry. Don't get me wrong, I love taking photos of him, but it was good to exercise my eye a little bit. This was my favorite from the day, a shot from the first floor looking up in the Edison warehouse.

On Friday, Eddie, Henry and I headed south to JMU for Alumni Band weekend. Some of our friends were in town for the event as well so we had a good time just relaxing and catching up. Funny how different things were this year compared to years past...two babies and a baby on the way in our group. Craziness! But we had a great time AND the Dukes pulled out a win over William & Mary!

On Sunday, we headed north and met up with friends at Antietam Battlefield, where Henry earned his second Junior Ranger badge! It was a beautiful day to walk around and to see the battlefield sights. It is a pretty thought-provoking place. To see the beauty that is there today with the rolling fields and autumn-painted hills in the distance...and then think about the horrors that took place there during the Civil War.

(There was a few hours between the above paragraphs and this part of the post. I have packed up the laptop with the photos saved on it so I can't post anymore pictures currently...I'll make up for it when I'm back on the other computer.)

We got back to Ridgewood around 8:10 in time to watch this week's Amazing Race and put Henry to bed.

This week we have looked at some more houses and put in an offer on one this evening! We won't know anything just yet as our realtor has to talk to the seller's listing agent and consider our offer. This will happen tomorrow morning and then we wait...

Tomorrow Henry and I head to Wisconsin to visit family. I'm slightly anxious about flying with him by myself but he's a good boy so I'm optimistic. (I say this now...just wait until Mister Poop Up The Back returns!)

I will have limited internet access but will post if I can.

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