Monday, October 18, 2010

First Class Baby

So far in Henry's life:
-JMU Dukes always win against Virginia Tech
-Flying in first class is normal

Yep, we got to upgrade on our flights to and from Jersey this weekend. It turned out to be nice (not because of the free beer) because we had more room to operate with him...including a diaper change on the tray table! (Don't worry, we had our changing pad over it.)

Here is a photo of Henry and Mommy:

We traveled up to Jersey this weekend to look for a house. It was pretty interesting to see the various houses and to feel like a big snoop looking at people's things. We ended up really liking a house but couldn't get the seller down in price to our pricerange. We're not discouraged yet and are continuing our search.

We took a break from house hunting to check out a local pumpkin patch. Once again Henry slept through a fun activity...but was still super cute.

Today Henry is 9 weeks old. Hard to believe time is going so fast. This week he has started to really smile, which is incredibly cute. It makes me so happy to see his little smiles and I especially love it when he coos a little. He's such a sweet and patient little boy. I hope he stays that way!

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