Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alphabet Adventure: Letter K!

Letter K week was not super exciting...seems to be a theme here lately.  (Ugh...I swear, I'll get more inspired soon!) But we did do some fun activities and Henry really got into some of the K books we checked out from the library.

We made cards for some of our friends with K names.  We also made one to send to Coach K!

I brought out the paints to have him paint some kites for his Letter K craft but it turned into a free-for-all so....

We glued kite pieces and fluffy clouds (cotton balls) together to make his K craft instead.

We have continued getting the Sound Box books (Moncure) each week and Henry really enjoys them.  I like having those books as a consistent form of presenting the letter of the week.  For K week Henry also really liked "Curious George Flies A Kite" much so that we're still reading it this week.  He also liked "Counting Kisses."

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