Thursday, August 9, 2012

Henry: Teeth Brushing

I realize that some of the posts I enjoy most on my friends' blogs are the ones where they write little snippets of funny things their kids have done. And since this blog is somewhat of a "baby book" for Henry, I will follow suit. When we were on vacation on Cape Cod we got to visit a large inflatable whale. Henry enjoyed petting the whale and even had a snack while sitting inside of the whale! The marine biologist host shared with us a lot of neat information about whales, most of which was above Henry's head. However, we've been talking about whales on and off since our visit and Henry's vocabulary now includes "baleen" and "plankton", when prompted with questions about whales and their eating habits. Bedtime toothbrushing had become a little bit of a challenge in the last few weeks. So the last couple of nights I have told him that he was a whale and I had to get all of the plankton out of his baleen. He is amused by this and we've gotten some good teethbrushing done! Funny kid.

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