Monday, August 6, 2012

Henry as Drum Major

This weekend we took a little field trip to West Milford HS to watch the Phantom Regiment Drum Corps rehearse in preparation for their competition at Giants Stadium.  For those of you not familiar with Drum Corps International (DCI), it is like major league marching band.  The music and movements are unbelieveably difficult and are unlike anything you probably think of when you imagine a marching band.  The corps involved are made up of students aged 16-21 and they travel, rehearse, live, perform, etc. together all summer.  It is an amazing organization and it is something that I love to watch. 

We took Henry with us to the rehearsal and he LOVED it.  We happened to have his baton in the car so he used it to "conduct" during rehearsal.  He was amazingly adorable (as usual) and I loved watching him get so excited.  I hope that this excitement doesn't fade as he gets older!

I posted a video on Facebook but not all of you have Facebook so I've managed (I think) to upload it to YouTube and can put it here on the blog (hopefully!):

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