Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We have a two year old....

Somehow almost a month has gone by since the last blog entry....time is doing some serious flying around here! Since the last post our little Henry has turned TWO! I can hardly believe that two years have past by already. Poor Henry spent most of his actual birthday in the car as we traveled south to my parents' house. We were able to, however, sing him Happy Birthday, blow out candles and eat cupcakes upon our arrival at their house. He was actually excited about the candles and the cake, which is an improvement on last year when he wouldn't even touch his cake!

The trip south was for us to attend a wedding of a former student we worked with.  We saw a bunch of students we used to work with at the wedding, which was nice.  While I am thankful for being able to stay home with Henry, I do miss the student aspect of what I used to do.  I really loved the students I got to work with from my job, my time with the marching band and band service fraternity, and the Eddie's RAs.  (So if you are a student from CNU that I used to work with, just know that I miss you!) 
We also used the trip as an opportunity to see a lot of our friends.  We had people over to my parents' house for a birthday party for Henry, which was also an excuse just to relax with friends.  It was the first time we had a lot of little kids over and it was a lot of fun!  Henry enjoyed himself and so did we!  The theme of the party was Robots for two reasons: 1) We call Henry's pacemaker his "robot". 2) Michael's (the craft store) had a boatload of Robot stuff on superclearance over the summer. 

Last year we snapped a photo of the kiddos of my close college friends so we took another one this year for tradition. Trying to capture the photo was hilarious as there wasn't much child-cooperation going on but we managed to get a decent one of everyone looking mostly toward the camera.  I hope put last year's photo with it for comparison:

It was a really fun weekend and we were glad we could celebrate Henry's birthday with our VA friends.  We even got a bonus visit with my good friends that live in Chicago but were visiting home (VA) that weekend! 
We got back to New Jersey and the following weekend we had another gathering for Henry's birthday.  It was the first "event" we have hosted in our home and I think it was a success.  Everyone had a good time, Henry was a happy camper and he even ate his cupcake again!
Henry entertained everyone with his block-stacking skills.  He got the blocks as a gift that night and was VERY excited about stacking them.  He kept shouting "LOOK AT THAT!" after he stacked a few. 

We are really lucky to have really amazing family and friends and were glad that we could have them together to celebrate Henry.

I have another blogpost coming up about the Disneyland Half Marathon that I ran with Eddie's siblings over the weekend.

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