Saturday, April 14, 2012

Robot Update

Yes, that's right...the subject of this post is "Robot Update". Why? Since Henry's a little young to understand much of what is going on we decided to introduce the idea of the pacemaker to him as a "robot". We taught him where his "robot" will go and he'll say "robo" and point at his tummy now.

We went into the city yesterday and met the surgeon that will be implanting Henry's pacemaker. The meeting started with the surgeon's assistant giving Henry a new puzzle to play with during the meeting (and take home!). The surgeon himself was great and we really enjoyed the meeting, especially since he had a pretty good sense of humor (i.e. comparing the anaesthesia/pain meds to a "five martini breakfast" for Henry).

Some fun facts we learned from the meeting:

-The prep for the surgery will take longer than the surgery itself (30 minutes).
-Pacemakers are no longer the size of the Gutenberg Bible and in a year or so (after he grows a little) you won't be able to see or really feel the pacemaker under Henry's skin.
-Henry will not be able to be a welder when he grows up (Sorry, Dickie!). Apparently the sparks from the welding can interrupt the function of the pacemaker.
-Henry won't be allowed to "hang out" between the sensors at the front of stores that tell the stores if people are shoplifting. (He is fine to walk through them...he just can't stand there for long periods of time.)

After we met with the surgeon his assistant took us on the tour of the floor where Henry will stay after the surgery. The rooms are spacious and there is a nice little lounge for families. (It has a beautiful view of the city, by the way.) Each room has its own computer outside of it with monitors and patient information for the nurses and doctors to see.

We also got to see the playroom, which had a neat aquarium and lots of toys. While we were there Henry got two other puzzles and a toy horse trailer to take home! Hopefully Henry won't expect these sorts of gifts every time we go to the doctor now!

We have really liked all of the doctors and staff members that we have met and like the facility itself. Because it is a Children's Hospital the decor is really awesome and includes a lot of displays with books, paintings from different stories, lots of colors, etc. Henry especially likes the ceilings in the elevators. We feel very lucky to be able to have Henry being taken care of in such a great place.

We head back again next Thursday for some pre-op tests like x-rays, EKG and blood work. My parents will be up by then and will join us on that trip and then we'll head out and about in the city for some sightseeing with them. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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