Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Details: Henry's Surgery

First, thank you all for all of your kind words and support since we posted about Henry's upcoming surgery.

We found out yesterday that Henry's procedure will be on April 23rd and will last about an hour. He'll have to stay at the hospital for one or two nights. (It just struck me that his room might have a really neat view of the city depending on what side of the building it's on!)

We will meet his surgeon next Wednesday and then he'll have some pre-op tests (I think an ultrasound, x-ray and things like that.) on the 19th.

For those of you who can only picture Dick Cheney when you think of pacemakers, I give you the following:

List of Celebrities With Pacemakers That Are Cooler Than Dick Cheney:

-Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy on Modern Family)

-Roger Moore (even though he's an inferior Bond, I'll count him as cool)

-Elton John

-The kid from the Volkwagen Star Wars/Darth Vader commercial

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