Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pre-Op Fun

Well, it's official...Henry is a trooper! He sat patiently and quietly through an EKG, a long echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), bloodwork, chest xray, general health check AND a urine collection (you can imagine what that may involve with a 20-month old....I'll just say glorified ziploc). We got there a little before 8:30am and finished at 12:30...a long morning for anyone! The doctors and nurses all couldn't believe how great he was and he made a lot of people smile today. I'm hoping this is a good indication of how he will be on Monday when he has his surgery.

My (Beth) parents made it up here yesterday and so got to come with us to Henry's appointment today. It was nice to have them along so they could see the facility before Monday and to help keep Henry occupied. After the tests were all done we hit up a little pizza place near the hospital and enjoyed some NY pizza before heading home.

I hope to continue to keep the blog updated (hopefully with some pics) next week as we will have internet access at the hospital.

Thank you all for your thoughts and support. It's been more helpful than you know!

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