Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seven Months

Today is Henry's Seven Month birthday! It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by. I wish it would slow down!

We spent the morning playing with a new toy that he got for Christmas that he wasn't quite ready for then. He was pretty excited about it and played with it for quite a while.

We also put his high chair together since he's getting to be too big to sit in his small bouncy seat on top of the table while we're eating. He seemed to really enjoy it and looked pretty cute in it.

Just so that we have record, here are some things about Henry at seven months:
-He is curious about everything, especially the cats. He smiles as soon as they walk into the room. He even pets them and only sometimes grabs their fur.

-When he is tired he rubs his hair, which is pretty cute.

-He has discovered that he can stick his tongue out.

-He doesn't hate tummy time as much anymore and now can rotate himself around while on his tummy to get to toys that he wants.

-He enjoys his swim class and has gotten to be an expert at "finding the wall" when we practice getting out of the pool.

-He loves anything with a glowing screen (cell phones, laptops, TV, etc.). We call them all "magic boxes".

-Henry really likes to sit by the window at the front of the house and watch the cars go by. I think he thinks its another "magic box."

-Trying new foods....we haven't come across anything that he has made a stink-face about yet, which I am thankful for! Hopefully he continues to be a good, easy eater. So far I have made him avocado, yams, squash and mangos. (He has also eaten carrots and sweet potatoes from the jar.) He likes to eat apples and bananas from his teething feeder.

-Teething? His gums are swollen and he's been chewing on pretty much everything. He's been a little fussy, which is not like him at all, and his naps/bedtime have been a little harder than usual. Still, he is overall a super kid.

The last seven months have been such fun with him. Each day is something new and I really feel lucky that I can be home with him. He's growing so fast!

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