Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicago and Baltimore

I hadn't gotten a chance to upload the videos that I took when we were in Chicago. Below are two of my favorites from our trip: Here is Henry watching the penguins swim around their tank. He was really curious about them, which was cute.

Here is a video of Henry by the dolphin tank. I wish I had captured earlier in our visit when the dolphin was right next to Henry for a few seconds. (I have stills of that instead.) Still, this gives you a good idea what our visit with the dolphins was like.

As I wrote in my last update, we headed to Baltimore for a wedding. My parents drove up to see us and to babysit Henry during the wedding. On Friday we went to the aquarium, which was neat. Definitely NOT worth the full price of admission, which we didn't pay because they were running a special. (8 bucks if you got there at 5 or after.) We had plenty of time to see what we wanted. We all enjoyed it, though the aquarium has NOTHING on the aquarium in Atlanta, which I visited last year. (I can't wait to take Henry there!)

The wedding on Saturday was a lot of fun. I feel pretty lucky that Eddie's friends are so great. Here is a picture of the bride and groom with the Clemson folks.

On Sunday we headed out to visit Fort McHenry, which was pretty close to where we were staying. They just updated their visitor center and it now includes an amazing video telling the story of the Star Spangled Banner. At the conclusion of the movie there is a rousing choral recording of the anthem and the screen raises to reveal a wall of windows overlooking the fort. It makes you feel pretty darn patriotic. If you are in the area, stop by...the visitor center is free. The end of the movie is worth the extra drive off the interstate to see it.

Sidenote: Before we went to the fort Eddie and I kept making West Wing jokes based on this scene, which is one of my favorites of the whole series:

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