Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Come Home Soon Mommy!!

I'm three days late- my bad. I actually tried to edit the blog on Monday with some pictures from the weekend, but the laptop that Henry and I have here in NJ wouldn't cooperate. But still, here we go.

We continue to be super fortunate to have the support of our family. With Beth in Virgina since Thursday the 9th and Eddie having work (including the weekend) Grampa, Gramma and Great Mom-Mom and Great Pop-Pop have put in a bunch of time with Henry (with assists from Karen, Ellen and Kevin). He has fortunately continued to be a great kid other than usually still not napping for more than 30 minutes at a time during the day (he has gotten back to being a great sleeper at night: i.e. 10 pm - 5:15 am and 6 am - 9:15 am). There are two more days of family assistance and then Beth gets to start her stay-at-mommying full time.

A couple of firsts that Henry has completed while Beth has been gone: 1) On Sunday Henry decorated his first Christmas tree. (If I was blog savvy, I would insert a hyper-link with the blog post when he helped pick out that tree). There is a picture of him "putting" the star on the tree that Beth will add on Saturday.
Also, about 10 minutes ago Henry stood behind the coffee table and after I propped his arms on the table and leaned him in against the table, he "stood" for 5 seconds before his knees buckled. I would praise him for this, but Ellen tells me I'm not allowed to, so "Henry, you stood for 5 seconds."
On the house front, things continue to move forward positively but there are still home inspection issues to be resolved. At this point though, things still seem like they are headed in the right direction.
Up next, some Devils hockey (Editors note- wow they scored!) and then spending about 48 hours waiting for mom to come home and then looking forward to visiting Santa in downtown Ridgewood on Saturday.
Stay tuned for Saturday, Sunday or Monday when our premier blog writer returns with better writing and pictures!

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  1. Eddie I love the way you write. You are a funny guy. ! On the napping front- Chris does the same thing. He only naps for MAX 30minutes at a time in his crib. No worries! SOme babies are better nappers than others. Hope to see you and Beth and Henry soon. Love you! XO christine