Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Chef

Recently I've been inspired by a friend's great home-schooling blog to do some new things with Henry.  Today we ventured into the wonderful world of "cooking" and made Peanut Butter Cheerio Treats. We had a great time doing it, too! He was surprisingly focused and followed directions really well. (He didn't even lick or eat things he wasn't supposed to so we can share these treats with friends.)

Here are some pictures from our cooking adventure:

 I let Henry lick the measuring cup we used for the peanut butter.  He thought this was a delicious and fun treat!

 Henry transferred all of the marshmallows from the purple bowl into the white bowl.  First he used his hands...

Then he used a measuring cup.

 Henry wasn't so sure he liked how sticky the mixture was but he did help me stir a little.

Henry with the finished product.

Henry wanted to use the bowl and spatula more but they were sticky so I gave him some of his fuzzy pom-poms and a new utensil.  He played with it long enough for me to write this blog post!

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