Friday, February 17, 2012

18 Month Update: A little late

I started this entry last month around Henry's 18-month "birthday" but didn't post it because I wanted to update from his doctor and cardiologist appointments.

It's really hard to believe that Henry is already 18 months old. A few days ago I was looking at some of the first videos I took on my phone (last July) and it is funny how little Henry still is. He wasn't even walking yet! Now it seems like he is turning into more and more of a "big boy" with every day that passes.

These days he's still very much into books. He's been interested in them for a long time and I hope that it never changes. He sometimes prefers books over any other toys, sometimes even at bedtime he'll cuddle up with a book. (But generally he likes to snuggle with Toby the Turtle.) He enjoys going to the library to look at books and also to do the puzzles. He also enjoys storytime there, especially at the end when the librarian takes out the bubble machine! He just finished up his last "Baby and Me" storytime and will move up to the next age group!

Henry is also getting to become interested in boy things like cars ("vroom vroom") and trains ("choo choo"). He still has his obsession with flags, mainly of the American variety. My parents got us a flag for our front yard and Henry insists on saluting it first thing every morning. (He can see it from one of his bedroom windows.)

As he gets older and more curious (and mischievous!) we've had to set limits and groundrules. He's very good at remembering what is a "no-no" but that doesn't always mean that he won't do it. He will now go to his time-out spot and sit down when told. He also went there on his own after he hit me when he was mad about something. He also did the sign for "sorry" after he got back up. So...he's learning!

Now that we're in the house and in a routine again I've started doing more intentional learning/playing with him. I've been reading a lot online about different "home-schooling" activities for kids Henry's age and there are some really cool things out there. We are starting out simple with focusing on one thing at a time, like the color red or the letter A. (However, Henry's obsession with the letter H has kind of taken over any other letters. He finds Hs everywhere we go and practically hyperventilates with excitement as he makes the H sound!)

Here is Henry having some "spill and fill" fun with a bottle, some foam blocks and a cupcake tin. Simple and kept him occupied for quite some time.
Henry still uses a lot of sign language but is starting to use actual words now too. "More" is his favorite word at the moment. "More more" everything! A lot of his words are his own version of words (like "kkkk" for milk and "ooose" for juice) but he's getting there. He's getting pretty good at animal noises too, which is pretty cute. My favorites are his owl and monkey. (I have to get a video of him "performing" all of his tricks to post here.)

Henry's 18 month check-up went well. He now weighs 23 pounds, which vaulted him into the 30th percentile for weight! He's always been proportional with his height and weight, just a little on the smaller side but he's been so consistent that his pediatrician said it's just the way he is!

Some of you may remember reading last fall about Henry's heart issue. He had a check-up with his cardiologist last week. She was pleased that he is so active and growing well. He was a SUPER patient when he had to sit still for an EKG and an ultrasound of his heart. (Having Finding Nemo on the TV in the office helped!) He had to be hooked up to a 24-hour monitor again for comparison. It was a little different having him hooked up now (vs. 6 months ago) because he was more aware of the little pack and the sensors on his chest. He didn't rip anything off and other than a wakeful night he did well. We turned the monitor back in this morning and will have to wait a week or two to get results. He hasn't shown any real signs that the heart issue is bothering him at all so we are hoping that means things haven't changed and we can just continue him being monitored every so often.

So we continue to feel lucky to have such a funny, smart, happy and energetic little boy!

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