Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another week gone by!

It really is amazing how quickly time flies by from day to day and week to week.

I am currently enjoying the quiet of naptime for Henry. (It's also amazing how quickly that time flies by too!) Typically I try to use this time to catch up on email, laundry, etc. but usually feel like I don't get anything really accomplished. Lately I've been entering sweepstakes during this time too! I saw a show on TV about people who sweepstake obsessively. I'm not at that point and I don't care to spend hours upon hours on it but for about a week now I've been entering a handful each day. The ones I am choosing to enter either have cash prizes or things like new windows, appliances, etc. as prizes. I figured that it doesn't take much time and you have to be in it to win it! I already won $25from Macy's!

Swim classes started back up for Henry last week. We switched days from last sessions so we are in a morning class to better accommodate Henry's new afternoon nap schedule. This class is smaller and I've found that I kind of miss his Thursday class friends!

We start back up with library time on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that since he has really grown up since the spring when the last session ended. I hope that he enjoys the class and enjoys interacting with the other kiddos in the class.

As for me, rehearsals with the Ridgewood Concert Band started up again last night. It was nice to be back playing my clarinet and seeing the other people, especially the other clarinet players. After watching the high school marching band at rehearsals the last few weeks I had been really missing music so it was good to be at rehearsal last night. (Sidenote: Henry has been LOVING watching the marching band practice. He waves his arms around and dances a little....it makes my heart happy!)

The weather here has been cool for the last few weeks and I am loving the change. Fall is my favorite season (probably because it meant new school year and marching band....nerd, I know) and I am looking forward to sharing it with Henry. I know it's not his first fall but he was just a little bump on a log of a baby last year and this year he will react more and be able to do more things. So far we've gone to two weekend festivals (Greek Fest and Fall Craft Festival) and I think we'll probably do some more over the next few months. It's so much fun to get out and about with Henry and watch him take everything in!

Eddie has been keeping very busy between work and reffing soccer. As much as I am sure that he'd rather be at home hanging out with Henry, reffing soccer is a great second "income" to add to our home fund since everything seems to cost more than we thought it would! I really do appreciate how hard he works so that I can be home with Henry. I feel so lucky that I can be the one with him all day, teaching him new things, taking him to do things like swim class and watching him grow. (Thanks Eddie!)

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