Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adventures in NYC

This weekend I drove in New York City not one, but TWO times...I even drove through Columbus Circle! As someone who started out driving life not really liking it and dreading it, I was pretty proud of myself. And, you know what, it wasn't even that bad.

On Saturday Ellen, Henry and I headed in to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. I had signed up for free tickets thanks to Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day celebration. We got into the city and went to park in the garage I had printed a coupon for and found it was already full! We circled the block a few times hoping for a parking spot on the street but ended up parking in another garage. Turns out they had a good deal if you got your ticket stub stamped at the museum.

The museum itself was a little overwhelming as it was PACKED with small children and their parents. We did, however, brave the masses and enjoyed all sorts of things like:

Dora the Explorer's House

and Curious George! (He was Henry's favorite for sure!)

The museum had a lot of neat things for kids Henry's age to do. I'd like to take him back again on a day that it isn't going to be so crowded so we can relax a little and really enjoy it.

On Sunday, Henry and I picked up Meredith and headed in to meet Eleni to go to the Broadway Flea Market. It was a neat event with tables from many of the shows and organizations. Sadly we didn't make any new friends (i.e. famous people we meet once) but it was still fun to walk around. Meredith and I found really inexpensive 9 to 5 the musical shirts that we snapped up! (Sidenote: I just saw that the event raised $550,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!)

After a really delicious snack at PinkBerry Meredith, Henry and I parted ways with Eleni and headed back towards our car. On the way we were completely distract/enthralled for a long time by a religious procession from a small church (Santa Rosa de Lima). There were 24 men in robes carrying what appeared to be a very heavy platform carrying a large statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. The men swayed back and forth in time to the small "marching band" that was following them. (I put that in quotations because it was really a rag-tag group with their music clothes pinned to the person in front of them. But they really had some heart and the trumpet section wasn't half bad!) They inched forward very slowly and would put the platform down every once in a while to take a break and to switch carriers.

Meredith and I were, as I said, completely enthralled by this slow-moving procession. Part of it was out of amazement that this was happening on 52nd Street, which had NOT been closed to traffic so cars were backing out of it and at one point a NYFD truck pulled passed them! Also, they were inching slowly towards 8th Avenue, which is a pretty busy street(!), and we were wondering what in the world they were going to do when they got there. Well, what they did was KEEP WALKING! A tiny woman in a dress-suit managed to keep traffic from running into them as they turned onto the avenue. They began inching their way down 8th. Amazing.

Meredith and I both noted that we enjoyed that we both liked random things like this procession and that we could stand and watch it and be amused for so long!

Here are two photos of the procession on 8th Avenue:

The week got off to a fun start because Eddie took the morning off of work so that he could come with Henry to swim class. They both did a great job. It was fun to get to watch instead of being the one in the water.

Other items of note for this week's update:
-Henry has become a walking machine! It's still pretty new and still amazing to me right now. I think he is enjoying this new way of being mobile. It's pretty cute.
-I completed my first five-mile run! It actually felt pretty good. I am starting to enjoy running, which I didn't think I would.
-We discovered today that Henry has another top tooth popping through. At this rate he might not look like a jack-o-lantern for Halloween!
-Henry, Eddie and I all had haircuts today! We had a Buy 2 Get 1 free coupon for Supercuts. Turned out to be a good coupon as the kids haircut there is only 2 bucks less than the adults! I don't trust myself to cut Henry's hair just yet so it worked out well. We all look so fresh and so clean!

Things To Watch For:
-Eddie, Meredith and I are heading into the city again tomorrow to see a play.
-Family outing to the Devils Hockey game on Friday
-Family apple picking on Saturday

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