Friday, October 11, 2013


I love Halloween.  The decorations, the pumpkins, the weather.  I have fond memories of carving pumpkins and of my dad and I trick-or-treating, me with my plastic pumpkin for goodies and him with his pewter mug for goodies of the adult liquid variety.   Good times were had by all.

Henry's Halloweens so far have been pretty atypical.  The first year he went trick-or-treating in the residence halls on CNU's campus where we were working and living.  He went dressed as a banana.

The next Halloween we were living in New Jersey and it SNOWED so trick-or-treating got moved and because we didn't have power we ended up trick-or-treating in MomMom and PopPop's neighborhood.  Henry was an octopus.

Last year Halloween was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy.  He borrowed a Thomas the Tank Engine costume from our sister-in-law Julie's family and never got to take it out trick-or-treating and also no picture.

So here we are in October again and I'm expecting a forecast of locusts, frogs or something to prevent us from having a normal Halloween this year.  I am also waiting on Henry to decide what he really wants to dress up as for Halloween.  So far his list is: Pirate, Doctor or Train Engineer.  (He also mentioned a bat yesterday but I don't think he was serious.)  Eddie and I both think Doctor would be a cute costume.  He has a doctor's kit from his birthday so it would be easy to get a white coat and be done!

I've started collecting Halloween decorations for the house each year after Halloween is over (clearance prices!) and I love it all.  This year Henry helped decorate our spooky Halloween tree and even got a little crafty and made a googly-eye pumpkin.  He is also really enjoying skulls and skeleton bones this year.  (He even picked a big glow-in-the-dark skeleton that he wanted to hang in his room, which we did!)

 Halloween display in our entryway.  All clearance or Dollar Tree finds.

 Henry's Googly Eye Pumpkin.  He loves it.

Pumpkin and Googly Eyes from the Dollar Store.  Super easy and amusing for a 3-year old 
(and 31 year old to be honest!) 

 Bat silhouettes from the Dollar Store.  We have them in our windows but Henry wanted a bat family in our house too.

Henry and Bony Bob (his skeleton that was later hung in his room)

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