Monday, December 12, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

*I've been trying to get Blogger to post this since Monday!*

Well, we have finally moved our belongings into the new house! I'm not going to post any pictures just yet as the house is basically a giant collection of boxes that need to be unpacked. But have no fear they are coming! (I want to do some before/after pictures because the changes are amazing.)

We moved everything on Saturday. Thankfully we had help from Eddie's family (both physically moving and watching Henry) and our friend Meredith, who came to keep me company and help unpack boxes while the boys packed and unpacked the vans from storage. Meredith and I jammed to some Broadway CDs while unpacking the kitchen and laughed at some of the random finds in the kitchen boxes (like a framed picture from Eddie's HS prom!).

I am really excited to get everything in its place. Right now the downstairs bathroom is the only "finished" room in the house and it looks amazing. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. Just have to find some appropriate wall art and it's truly done.

We will be hosting our first guests this weekend! Thankfully we have the guest bed put together and it utilizes the downstairs bathroom so they should be all set. I am excited for their visit and for our adventure in dining to Aldo's with them and some friends. Sooooo very tasty. I will be salivating over it all week!

Other than the house, things are going on as usual. Eddie has been busy reffing and Henry and I have been busy with things like swim class and talking about Santa. He can definitely recognize Santa when he sees him on TV, in books, in front of people's houses, etc. He makes the motion like saying Ho Ho Ho, with his hands on his belly, but doesn't make a sound. It's pretty funny. We saw Santa at the mall (didn't have a picture taken, just walked by him) and he got really excited.

He's also starting to get excited about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. We hadn't watched it but he would pull the VHS off the shelf and point to Buzz. I'm not sure why he picked him over Woody or anyone else on the cover but he now gets excited to see him. Toy Story 2 was on TV yesterday so I put it on a for a few minutes and he recognized Buzz right away. He still gets excited about Mickey Mouse and a few other Disney characters. This makes Eddie and I really excited about bringing him to Disney World next month.

Running continues though we are now hitting the point where we will start to taper our distances a little. I'm not sure the science behind this (I'll have to google it) but it's weird to think I probably only have one or two more long runs to do before race day.

I think that's about all for now. I'm hoping to have some house pictures to post by later this week.

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